Natural Medicine Works!

I have had the honor and privilege to work with many wonderful women and men of all ages identify and correct their cause of illness and begin living a life of vibrant health.  I recommend natural therapies for my patients, not just because they are natural but because they work!  But don’t just take my word for it.  Read what my patients are saying:

“Earlier this year, my mother suffered several small strokes. We didn’t notice the changes all at once but overtime she was unable to maintain her balance, had memory issues, and tingling along her left side. I took her in to see her general practitioner and he immediately took a lot of test and sent her to see a neurologist. They began prescribing medicines and she developed stomach pain, listlessness, general fatigue along with the other symptoms including internal bleeding. Because of her age, they did not want to do scopes and told me to give her iron, more medicines and watch her. Unsatisfied with their advice, I decided to go to Dr. Dooley. Long story short, with patience we found the right treatment for her and in 5 months my mother has her balance back, her entire blood work came back perfect and we have discontinued the new medicines recommended by the physicians. Best of all, Dr. Dooley worked with my mother so that she could find a routine that worked for her lifestyle. I recommend to everyone there if you care about your body and what you put into it make an appointment with Dr. Dooley. Take her advice for 90 days and see the amazing results you’ll get.”

— DC

“After being sick for over a week and not being able to shake it, I consulted with Dr. Dooley. After just 2 days of following what she asked me to do I was nearly back to my old self again. I recommend anyone who is struggling with issues beyond their control to pay Dr. Dooley a visit. I am sold on Naturopathic treatment. Dr. Dooley is truly the best!”

— EF

“Many people don’t know why you would go to a naturopathic doctor, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t. 🙂 Basically they operate under the premise that your body has the power to heal itself under most circumstances but you need to help it do so.

I went to Dr. Dooley to get my health in check before a major surgery since anaesthesia is so terrible for you. Plus I had done some organic cleanses before and it totally changes your life when your digestive health is in check – you sleep better, less stress, no major stomach pain, no blood sugar or queasy spells. So Dr. Dooley took me under her care in a very, well, caring way. We did hydrotherapy and I got the right supplements, fish oil, probiotics, etc. and was well on my way. I know Dr Dooley also treats women’s health issues (like hormonal stuff) and degenerative neuro stuff, so when my dad’s Alzheimers kicks in I am definitely bringing him here! ”

— JM

“I came to Dr. Dooley because I couldn’t sleep, I had no energy and I was unable to lose weight. On my second visit we talked about her plan to get me back on track, that was on a Thursday. On the following Tuesday night I woke up at 5:30 AM and to my surprise I had slept through the night. I had so much enery! I realize it will take time to be able to do this every night, but Dr. Dooley has me on the right track. It takes time to get to this point and the day you feel great you know that you have to change your lifestyle to get to your goal point. It’s a week today and I feel better already.”

— DM

“The words that come to mind for me regarding my Reiki treatment with Dr. Dooley is that I felt I was in “good hands.” What impressed me most about Dr. Dooley is her blend of gentle guidance and openness to my process, while at the same time conveying a presence and depth of knowledge that helped me to relax. I felt a shift that was like an unlocking of tightness, and suspect this has had a lasting impact. I highly recommend Dr. Dooley to all who want to explore avenues of healing.”

— EE

“I am an 83-year-old woman who is extremely pleased to recommend Dr. Melonni Dooley. I have spinal stenosis. I had 2 knee replacements, 2 shoulder replacements and 2 back operations along with many pain shots but the treatment that I received from Dr. Dooley was by far the most successful. ”

— NG

“Dr. Dooley is a great listener and provided a wealth of information regarding what I should eat and resources for preparing healthy meals. I love the healthy protein shake she recommended.”

— KD

“Dr. Dooley is very personable and caring. I feel great after only a few weeks on the wellness program that we created together.”

— AF

“Dr. Dooley is approachable, listens well and is non-pressuring.”

— WL

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Dr. Dooley. My diet has always been very good. However, I still felt bloated and just uncomfortable all the time. Then I decided to look more into Eat for your Blood Type diet that Dr. Dooley had recommended. I had my blood tested and was A+. I decided to give it a try and started cutting out the foods on the Void List for Type A+. Just after few days, I started feeling much better.”

— PP

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