Interest Free Financing!

Advance Care offers

  • Interest free financing
  • Instant approvals
  • Generous credit limits
  • No prepayment penalties


Q. How do I apply for the card?

A. All applications must be submitted on-line at

Q. How long will it take for me to get approved?

A. When applying on-line Advance Care will provide you an immediate decision on your application. If an immediate approval is not available and additional work is required on your application you will be notified by Advance Care once a decision is made on your application.

Q. Can I use a Co-Applicant?

A. Yes, you may use a co-applicant with Advance Care Card

Q. What will my interest rate be after the initial interest free period?

A. Your interest rate and terms are based on your own individual credit history as well as your current financial situation. The better your credit, the better interest rate and terms you are likely to receive

Q. Do I have to make a minimum payment?

A. Yes, you have to make a minimum payment of 2% of the loan, which will be applied to the principal. After the interest free period, interest is applied to the balance.

Q. What information will I need to provide?

A. Advance Care will require your social security number, total annual gross income, monthly housing or rent payment and employment status.

Q. What if I am unemployed?

A. No problem, just select “other” when asked about your employment status

Q. What if I have other questions?

A. Call Advance Care customer service at 1-800-432-9470, Monday – Friday 8-5pm EST

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