Relieve Pain

If you’re reading this section, either you or someone you love & care about is in pain.
You may also feel you are alone.

back painLet me assure, you are not alone. Throughout this site, as in my practice, I draw upon my personal experiences, as well as my training and beliefs to extend support to you

Getting to the Root Cause of Your Pain

If you are like me, when I was suffering, you heard one medical professional after another use a familiar variety of phrases that tell you either to “Get over it” or “Live with it.”

They couldn’t help you with the symptoms — and they couldn’t get to the root cause.
Getting to the root cause is what I do.

My approach involves alleviating the pain as completely and rapidly as possible while simultaneously addressing the underlying factors that have created the pain.

Broadly speaking there are 3 sources of pain:

  • Stagnation & lack of movement of blood & lymph
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual trauma
  • Metabolic & energetic imbalances

Depending on the source of pain, I work with you, using a variety of approaches, some very traditional natural therapies and some new breakthroughs.

I have developed several New and Natural Approaches to Pain Relief

Pain from Stagnation

When pain occurs as the result of stagnation or lack of movement, I have found that, in addition to diet and nutrition, several therapies that are helpful for pain including hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and moor mud detox therapy.

Hydrotherapy and balneotherapy are therapeutic applications of water.

They work by creating movement of the blood, the lymph and the interstitial fluid which increases the delivery of oxygen, glucose and nutrients to cells and tissues while also increasing the elimination of metabolic waste products resulting in optimal cellular function.

The moor mud detox therapy also stimulates blood flow, but it can also draw out toxins and deliver minerals and nutrients.

Pain from Mental, Emotional or Spiritual Trauma

Our words reveal the profound connection between inner emotional states and physical well being.

Just consider such phrases as “she was sick with envy” or “love has broken her heart” or “you make me sick to my stomach.”

The field of mind-body medicine has grown over the years, with institutes, research centers and journals expanding and developing our knowledge of this connection.

Using techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique and heart rate variability biofeedback training, I will guide you to use techniques that reconnect the mind and body and restore health.

Pain from Metabolic & Energetic ImbalancesLets Get Started

When structural, biochemical and energetic imbalances are causing your pain, I’ve found the best response is Naturopathic pain management, which offers a variety of effective techniques, including:

  • Individualized diets to reduce inflammation
  • Use of biotherapeutic drainage to open the emunctories & gently discharge toxic accumulations
  • Use of metabolically directed supplements and herbs to balance the body’s chemistry
  • Use of flower essences & homeopathy to eliminate hidden emotional conflicts that obstruct the flow of energy in the body and create disturbances at the cellular level which then leads to physical symptoms.